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Emilia Łobińska - Szyc

A modern and professional lawyer must detect the target business of his Client. It is characterized by such a way of thinking about the provision of services, to how best to adapt them to the needs of Clients and creative approach to the law, which is the search for new solutions and construction.

In my opinion a lawyer should have not only the knowledge of the law, but above all to be a trusted advisor is available 24 hours a day, students with industry, business Customer and this, too, I want to be a counselor for you.

My mission to carry out a professional activity is to be a business partner and the substantive support to the Client, at the same time, to keep up with its rapidly changing environment and needs. Therefore, with due diligence to ensure the safety of Customers care about in their endeavors.

Because the development of Customer trust is a process whose success is based on providing services
of the highest quality, my work is governed by values such as:

  • PROFESSIONALISM - I'm an expert, you can rely on me and my knowledge, Clients will always find the best solution.
  • PARTNERSHIP - I'm a partner for my Clients, an in-depth analysis of their needs allows you to fully meet all expectations.
  • PASSION - I love what I do, I have never content with mediocrity.

Feel free to check out my profile in detail activities and fruitful cooperation and partnership!

Emilia Łobińska - Szyc